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Hendricks Realty has been serving east central Indiana since 1977.  Let us put our good name and experience to work for you.  Our customer service is a top priority!

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Looking for a larger home?  Looking for an apartment? We have 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, and 4 bedroom homes. We have ground level apartments as well as townhouses. We also have Ball State Rentals. View our Ball State Rental

 Ball State Rentals  
609 W Queen 3 Bedroom        Available       

Hartford  City Homes
407 W Kickapoo        2 Bedroom         Currently Rented Lease Application
1117 N Jefferson 2 Bedroom     Currently Rented
602 N Wabash  3 Bedroom Currently Rented
500 E 3rd St              3 Bedroom        Currently Rented
435 S Walnut St         2 Bedroom       Currently Rented
922 N Cherry St         3 Bedroom       Currently Rented
720 W Kickapoo St 3 Bedroom     Currently Rented
0804 E 500 N 3 Bedroom     Currently Rented
527 W Elm St 4 Bedroom    Currently Rented
1000 N High St 4 Bedroom     Currently Rented
913 N Monroe 5 Bedroom     Currently Rented
616 N Monroe 3 Bedroom     Currently Rented
602 E VanCleve         3 Bedroom     Currently Rented 
620 N Broadway         2 Bedroom Currently Rented`
422 S Spring St 2 Bedroom     Currently Rented
601 W Elm St 3 Bedroom     Currently Rented
529 S Walnut St 2 Bedroom     Currently Rented
521 W Grant St.         3 Bedroom     Currently Rented

Hartford City Apartments
602 N Walnut 2 Bedroom Currently Rented
604 N Walnut                 2 Bedroom        Currently Rented
606 N Walnut 2 Bedroom Currently Rented
608 N Walnut 2 Bedroom Available March 1, 2021
221-237 Greenwood Dr 2 Bedroom        Currently Rented
Greenwood Apartment One 2 Bedroom        Currently Rented 
Greenwood Apartment Two  2 Bedroom Currently Rented
Greenwood Apartment Three 2 Bedroom      Currently Rented
Greenwood Apartment Four  2 Bedroom Currently Rented
224 W Chestnut St, Apt 1 2 Bedroom        Currently Rented
224 W Chestnut St, Apt 3    2 Bedroom Currently Rented
224 W Chestnut St. Apt. 2  2 Bedroom        Currently Rented

Property Management

Do you own investment property, but don't want to the hassle of dealing with tenants?  Let us manage your property for you.  You get the benefit of being a real estate investor without the headache. Call today 765-348-6413 or email hendricksjohn@hotmail.com

We have 2, 3, and 4 Bedroom Homes!

Nice 2 Bedroom Apartments and Townhouses!

Customer Service is our top priority!

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